Katy Perry thinks guitar-noodling boyfriend John Mayer is a ‘genius’ - Do You?

Katy Perry thinks guitar-noodling boyfriend
John Mayer is a ‘genius’ - Do You? 

Katy Perry thinks her guitar-wailing, sunglasses indoors-wearing baby-lipped boyfriend John Mayer is, and this is a quote, “literally a genius”.

The Roar singer and slightly more popular, likeable half of the Perry-Mayer chimera said this week that John should donate his brain to science after he has died – not so they can incinerate it in a medically unambiguous environment, but instead study it, so future generations can be more like John Mayer. That is Katy Perry’s dream.

He literally is a genius,” she told Billboard, literally. “As is evident from his songwriting."

I always tell him, ‘Darling, you know I’m going to have to give your mind to science after you've passed, because we're going to have to understand how all these sparks work'."

No plans on what Katy Perry intends to do with John Mayer’s heart, lungs, and other vital organs after he’s gone, but it’s good to know there’s at least half a plan in place.

The couple released a duet for John Mayer’s last LP Paradise Valley, which you probably didn’t hear because who buys John Mayer albums, genius or no.

Prism, Katy Perry’s third studio album, in out in the UK on October 21, which is presumably why she is busying herself saying mad things like ‘John Mayer is a genius and I intend to sell his brain’ in the run up to that.

What do you think - is John Mayer a genius? 


  1. If you've ever read the Rolling Stone interview with John Mayer it's FAR, FAR, FAR from genius... The guy is a complete douche-bag.

    He smoked pot during the entire interview in a New York City hotel room, and he also kept talking about gay guys, homosexuality, and sucking dick... I mean WTF???

    This guy is a complete and certified fruitloop. Could you ever (in a million years) imagine, Hendrix, Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai or Joe Satriani - - - Chet Atkins, Larry Carlton, Al DiMeola, Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Tony MacAlpine ANY of them... doing an interview like THAT???

  2. Yeah, he's a pooh-flinging, switch hittin' genius.

  3. Katy needs to call-up and ask Jennifer Aniston exactly how good of a boyfriend he is. The guys a closet-twink.