GUITAR THEORY: Blending Musical Ideas

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...

Q: Is there a way to develop my guitar playing without studying lot's of theory and music reading? I just have no interest in doing that stuff. But, I do like composing and improvising. I personally feel that the study of music academically isn't for me. I'm more interested in absorbing and modifying. Can learning like this be accomplished, or am I being unrealistic?
Terry -- San Diego, CA. USA

A: Learning how to become a better musician by basically absorbing, blending, and modifying the music you enjoy listening to is probably one of the oldest (and the most basic) ways of developing skill on an instrument. In fact, guitarist Steve Howe (from the band, "Yes"), falls directly into this class of self-taught player. Steve Howe, is a big fan of Classical music and he has acquired most of his musical knowledge by learning and listening to the works of Vivaldi and Bach. There is no doubt that Classical music offers sophisticated harmonies, rhythms and melodies. Which is certainly reflected in Steve's guitar playing. In the video lesson, I've created a series of examples that blend several common musical ideas together and thus create new ones. By doing these exercises, you should get a pretty good idea how to stretch yourself further as a student. And, all without requiring a vast music theory background as a foundation.


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