Dream Theater Slams the Public's Obsession with Fame

Dream Theater: 

'Young People Are Obsessed With Fame, Everybody's Acting Like Movie Stars'

Prog metal giants Dream Theater recently touched upon an interesting subject of modern stardom hunger, calling it a severely present trend these days...

Guitarist John Petrucci and vocalist James LaBrie broached the topic during their new album track-by-track rundown. While discussing "The Looking Glass," song No. 3 off "Dream Theater," Petrucci explained the lyrics he penned.

"The subject of that song is kind of how young people are really, really obsessed with fame - the idea of being famous," the axeman stated.

"And everybody's living their lives now as if they're famous, with Facebook and everything. There's blogs, pictures of yourself - everybody's acting like movie stars, as if people want to know what's happening."

Petrucci explained further, "It used to be that you had to do something substantial in order to be famous, but now anybody can be famous and there's all these TV shows to be famous. Whether it'd be in dance or in singing - there's tons and tons of those type of shows, so it's kind of a weird thing that everybody's so obsessed with that," he concluded.

The tune's musical part also comes as somewhat nontraditional for Dream Theater, seeing that it features what was described as an arena rock riff.

"It's one of two songs on the album that are very different from everything else," Petrucci kicked off. "'The Looking Glass' has more of like an arena rock, big guitar riff - major kind of sound. It's a challenge to write something like that because most of those riffs have been played before, so to come up with something original that's in a major key and has that big hooky riff that people can kind of latch on to is a challenge, but it was a lot of fun to do."

"Dream Theater" is scheduled to drop on September 24 through Roadrunner Records as the twelfth release in DT opus.Watch the video interview below.


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