Richie Sambora - Fired From Bon Jovi Tour...

Bon Jovi drama was stirred up again with the latest reports claiming guitarist Richie Sambora was officially fired from the current tour...

According to RumorFix, Ritchie Sambora and front-man /singer Jon Bon Jovi are clashing over (of all things), money! Roumours now out that their differences have officially become irreconcilable.

The firing itself will force Sambora to skip performing with the band until at least 2014.

As the same source indicates, Richie was earning $2 million per month plus a 20 percent bonus from each of the Jovi shows.

"Richie wants to go back on stage - that's his first love," the unnamed source said. "He's really upset over the news."

Sambora initially stopped performing with the band in early April due to "personal issues." Up until now, a series of various reports surfaced indicating an internal turmoil and a feud between the two musicians. But seeing that both remain fairly secluded about the entire matter, not much is known for sure.

Sambora's temporary replacement in the band will be guitarist Phil X, (being paid - at a significant savings to the rest of the band - of only $10,000 a month).


  1. Phil Who??? How fucking lame man... You go see Bon Jovi for Richie man. Not for Phil $10K a month nobody "X" (whatever).