Metal Bands Banned From Swearing at Bloodstock!

Heavy metal has always had a 'thing' with cursing. The songs are loaded with foul mouthed lyrics and for the most part swearing has always been an acceptable feature of this genre for a number of decades.

However, bands performing at this year's Bloodstock Festival in Birmingham, England, were, somewhat unusually, told to, "Please mind their language."

As Express & Star reports, bands such as; Slayer, Death Angel and Anthrax were banned from swearing on the stage because of the festival site's proximity to a war memorial...

Bloodstock takes place near the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, and officials from the Royal British Legion were concerned that the peace of mourners at the memorial would be disturbed if any of the metal groups used foul-language on stage.

Bloodstock co-director Adam Gregory issued the following statement regarding the decision:

"We are very conscious of the local community," he said. "We have the Arboretum very close by and we try to respect that. "Most of the bands were very obliging when we told them. I don't think it detracted one iota and I think the fans were in agreement."

Bloodstock took place from Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th August and featured headliners King Diamond, Lamb of God and Slayer. This year's event was attended by 14,000 people with a further 1.3 million watching live streams of the festival online.

But what do you think? Were the Bloodstock organizers right to ban swearing at the event? Would you attend a metal music festival if you knew that there was a no swearing policy?


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