Country & Rockabilly Banjo-Roll Guitar Licks...

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website...

Q). I was wondering if you could show some licks that are using the, "Banjo-Style," roll technique. I like the sound of them in Country and Rockabilly music. I only know two simple banjo-roll licks, but what I'm really interested in from you Andrew, are a collection of different kinds so that I can practice this. Thanks in advance.
Lloyd -- Louisville, KY. USA

A). These guitar licks sound really cool when you get them up to speed. Their name comes from the way they can make a standard electric guitar come across sounding in a similar kind of way as a banjo, or a steel guitar might sound. When first trying them, it might take awhile before you're really going to nail-down their sound. But, after you start getting them up to speed, they'll take on a new life all of their own. In the video I zoom-in on the guitar fret-board, and demonstrate some examples I put together for the video for you to practice at home.

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