B.L.S. back to the Studio in September

Iconic axeman Zakk Wylde officially confirmed that Black Label Society are set to enter the studio on September 1st to start working on a new album, a follow-up to 2010's "Order of the Black."

As the guitarist told Zoiks Online, something's always cooking up among the BLS ranks. "The minute this tour ends I get home, more writing [and] then we start doing the new Black Label album starting September 1," he said.

"Then that's when [upcoming live DVD] 'Unblackened' gets released and I'll be doing press for that," the guitarist continued. "After we did 'Unblackened' it was just mixing that thing, every day. We had to mix that get the artwork done. Everyday there's something going on in Black Label."

Wylde also discussed the subject of music piracy, calling the days of purchasing records long gone, also diminishing any chances of the music industry ever returning to "normal."

"It cost money to make the records," he stated. "A baby band, they still have to pay a studio fee, they have to pay an engineer and all these people. It's the trickle down effect. That's the whole thing. As far as it ever being normal again - forget about it. It's extinct, it's exterminated, it's vaporized. If people can download it and get it for free then why would they pay for it? It is what it is."

Black Label Society are currently busy wrapping up this year's Gigantour with Megadeth, as the concert trek's final show is set to take place this Sunday (August 11) in Toronto, Canada.


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