Whole Tone & Augmented - Scales & Harmony

Q: I have been working on my Jazz guitar theory for over a year now and I have a handle on most of the basic ideas. But, Im heavy into jazz fusion guitar. Scott Henderson is my favorite guitarist! One thing I know he uses a lot are the Augmented scales and arpeggios. Could you please explain what exactly Augmented is all about and how I can practice using it. At this time I only understand that it is a major triad chord (or arpeggio) with a raised 5th interval. But, I dont understand the scale side of it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Especially how to sound like Scott Henderson! - Paul, Memphis TN.

Thanks for writing in! The augmented sound is certainly a part of Scott Henderson's style. It is based from the Whole-Tone scale (also referred to as the Augmented Scale). From the Whole-Tone scale we get the Augmented Arpeggio. The Whole-Tone scale is all Major Second intervals (2 frets on the guitar), the Augmented arpeggio is all Major 3rds. In the video I cover the scale and the arpeggio, as well as, some popular chord types and ways players can begin applying these sounds through theory explanations and licks.

The complete lesson article for this video is available on the Creative Guitar Studio website. Follow the link to read the full article, get the handout, and to grab a copy of the MP3 jam track used in the solo example at the start of the video lesson.