The Major Scale - Ionian Mode

Q: Can you do a quick video lesson about the Ionian Mode. I think it is associated to the Major Scale. But, my guitar teacher couldnt explain it very well. I always appreciate your clear explanations, could you please help me out!  - Thanks, Lamar Jacksonville, FL.

The mode known as IONIAN is simply an ancient Greek name for our most basic of scales the "Major Scale." The major scale is the most important scale in music. All other scales are either taken from it or compared to it. The video lesson explains the; structure of the Major scale, it's formula, intervals, basic harmonic design and also included are a few simple practice tips.

The complete lesson article for this video, is available on the Creative Guitar Studio website. Follow the link to read the full article and get the jam track used in the solo example at the start of the video lesson.


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