Guitar Lesson: Relative Tonality Shifting

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question:

Q: Can you make a video that goes over the concept of playing both major and relative minor scales over the same progression. For example; If there was a chord progression that went: Fmi Bbmi Db Eb could you demonstrate playing over it in two ways. Once resolving into the Major key of Ab Major and then doing it again but playing into the relative Minor, F Minor. Joe Satriani seems to have amazing control over this kind of thing and Id like to know more about it. I find it very difficult to do.
- Douglas - Seattle, WA.

A: Shifting from one tonality to another requires a solid understanding of targeting specific notes and using arpeggios to bring out the two sides of the key's color. In the video lesson I cover how players can target into the tonal center pitches of "F" for Minor Key sound and "Ab" for Major Key sound.

The complete lesson article for this video, (along with a PowerTab chart of the chord changes plus an MP3 audio jam track of the progression heard during the video), is available on the Creative Guitar Studio website.


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