Guitar Lesson: Pitch Axis Theory & Modal Harmony

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question:

Q: I have been searching for a good lesson about a concept called "Pitch Axis Theory", but I cannot find one that explains how to use it. Most of the stuff Ive found just goes on about Modes, but doesnt really cover how the shredder guys and the fusion guys actually use this concept musically. Can you please do a lesson about this topic, I really want to know more about it!
- Thanks, Joey - New York, NY.

A: Thanks for writing in! Pitch Axis Theory is essentially playing modal. There is a bass pitch which remains static and under that pitch we can perform scales of different types. There can even be another layer of harmony present under the bass pitch. This can influence scale types that can be used to create melody.

The complete lesson article for this video, (along with an MP3 audio jam track of the progression heard at the start of the video), is available on the Creative Guitar Studio lessons website.


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