Guitar Lesson: Major & Minor Pentatonics in Blues

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question:

Q: Can you explain how to use different scales in Blues progressions. I was on a guitar discussion forum where they were posting about playing major and minor pentatonic and even modes on blues progressions. But, I dont quite understand is how this works. I was taught that on blues progressions you are supposed to use the blues scale. I dont really grasp the modes yet, but my pentatonics are pretty good. Im curious about what other blues sounds I might be missing! I love blues guitar.
- Charlotte, Wales UK.

A: The Major and Minor pentatonic scales can be interchanged to offer a fantastic blend of major and minor thirds as well as color from the major 6th and minor 7th. In the video lesson we will examine how to do this and learn a series of guitar licks that demonstrate the ideas.

The complete lesson article for this video, is available on the Creative Guitar Studio website.


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