Learn Finger-Plucked Blues Guitar

Learn how to take a standard 12-bar Blues harmony from within the key of “A Blues” and change it up so that it gets performed on Acoustic guitar using finger-plucking. The lesson covers how to apply a series of riffs instead of performing the chord harmony as a straight-ahead rhythm strumming progression...

This acoustic finger-plucked version of the 12-bar blues will still incorporate the essence of the Blues harmony, but instead, it will be performed as a series of scale tones, licks and riffs.


Finger-Plucked Acoustic Blues Guitar
I’d like to begin by performing the entire 12-bar Blues idea which I've composed for this lesson. Listen to the full composition to gain a solid idea of exactly how this piece is supposed to sound.

Alright, we’re going to work through this tune in two-bar segments. Let’s get things started by learning how the first two measures of our 12-Bar finger-plucked Blues operates… 

Bars 1 and 2:

Bars: 3 and 4:

Bars 5 and 6:

Bars 7 and 8:

Bars 9 and 10:

Bars 11 and 12:

Performing any music style that will involve the use of finger-plucking on acoustic (or on the electric guitar) can be a very cool way to add more melodic ideas and also (at the same time), produce a sound that incorporates licks and riffs around either a common or a pre-established harmony.

In Blues, this approach can work especially well since the harmony of something like a standard 12-bar Blues is so well known to the listener. Once you start into the performance, the listener is able to comprehend the sound and most importantly, they’re able to anticipate the flow of the melody.

Use this 12-bar Blues I’ve created here as a starting point. Then, try moving into other directions using this finger-plucking approach. It’s not only a lot of fun to practice playing this way, these ideas will add a whole new layer to sound that’s really melodic as well.

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