QwikRiffs #020: Hard Rock Riffs in "F Minor"

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Episode #020 covers three "Hard Rock" Riffs.

Riff one applies a 2-note power chord idea in the neck's low register. The rhythm is a steady 8th-note driven Rock feel. Both the 5th (power chord) and its inversion the 4th are used in this riff. Take note of how the 4th offers a different tonal effect.

Riff two includes the use of syncopation within a 16th-note feel. Along with the syncopated groove, scratch-rhythm is also included to emphasize the arrival of the beat of three. 

Riff three takes our Hard Rock feel up into the higher fret registers on the fingerboard. This high fret-register riff is focused on primary color tones including the "b3" (Ab), and the "b7" (Eb). An "F Minor Pentatonic" lick ties it all together.

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