QwikRiffs #019: Jazz-Funk Single String Riffs in "D Mixolydian"

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Episode #019 covers three "Jazz-Funk Single String" Riffs.

Riff one uses a funky syncopated 16th-note feel to generate a unique groove over a "D7" chord harmony. The mix of 16th-notes and 16th-note rests establishes a steady feel. Take note that each measure looses the down-beat of three.

Riff two emphasizes recurring scale lines with select scale tones focused on for matched harmony. This is vital for the bass player, in how the interaction can function very similar between the parts, or leave room for lines that become altered between the players. 

NOTE: Use your DAW or looper pedal to study the idea shown in riff two.

Riff three operates within the framework of applying the "slap bass" effect on our guitar line. The slap bass concept is made popular by bassists like "Bootsy Collins." His approach involves grabbing at the string and ripping at it, so that it "slaps" back onto the guitar's fret wire. In riff three I've applied the same concept to a guitar line.

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