GUITAR SOLOING 019: Copying Guitar Solos

February 16, 2018:
Lesson 019 - Copying Guitar Solos

This guitar soloing lesson stresses the value that comes from learning licks and lines performed by other guitarists across different styles of music. The number of solos that practicing guitar players should learn has no end. With every new solo comes fresh new ideas for how to use scales and how to apply rhythms, as well as, ways of applying new guitar techniques. 

By the end of this lesson, you'll have a collection of new playing skills for better solo lines that can be applied to any style of music. 

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PART ONE:  In example one, two licks from the "Blues-Rock" style are demonstrated. The focus is on, "Hendrix" and "Stevie Ray" phrasing concepts. Each lick employs open strings with an emphasis on how open strings relate to the key of "E Minor" across two different areas of the neck.

Example two targets different tonal resolutions within a hard rock format. The application of each tonality is formatted by way of the final resolution tone. This "tonal center modulation" effect can be found in many hard rock songs by groups like; Van Halen and Aerosmith.

In example three, sounds of the Southern Rock style shine through with reference to classic elements of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama." The lead performed in this iconic Southern Rock guitar standard demonstrates unique effects upon both melody and rhythm.

Example four, shifts into the style of jazz with a melodic line that covers a traditional II-V-I progression in the key of, "Eb Major." 

Jazz offers us greater soloing insight that delves into the use of unique scale coverage, along with a lot of arpeggios, combined with diminished concepts. Jazz will also apply the "swing" rhythmic feel.

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