QwikRiffs #017: Linear Diatonic Harmony Riffs in "D Minor"

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Episode #017 covers three "Linear Diatonic" Riffs.

Riff one is organized around the use of 6th intervals following typical harmony movements within key centers. The riff in our first example tracks 6th intervals across the "D Minor" keys harmony between string 4 and 2.

Riff two applies the popular third interval in a harmonized riff tracked off of the 4th string. The riff is based on a palm muted concept established around a solid eighth-note 'light-rock' /'pop-rock' style groove.

Riff three is based upon the diatonic pattern of triad harmony. A sequence using linear triad chord patterns between 4th to 3rd strings offers up a riff with a smooth punchy sound. The groove pushes off of the up-beat across the measures.

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