GUITAR SOLOING - LESSON 017: Sequence Your Way to Great Solos

January 19, 2018:
Lesson 017 - Sequence Your Way to Great Solos

Scale sequencing technique will organize scale tone groupings in ways that create a uniform collection of scale tones that repeat with an almost endless collection of note patterns. Learning how to build and apply sequences will greatly enhance your soloing skills. 

This lesson will help guitar players understand what a scale sequence is and you'll learn several ways to apply sequencing through major and minor scales. Rhythm duration and its relationship to sequencing will also be discussed. Examples through the curriculum will include both straight time eighth-note and sixteenth-note duration, as well as, triple meter...

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PART ONE:  In example one, a sequence is built from the scale tones of an "F Major" Pentatonic scale. It operates in straight-time feel across a series of eighth-notes. The sequence pattern involves groups of three scale tones.

Example two involves Minor Pentatonic in the key of "G Minor." The note groups of this sequence apply an eighth-note triplet rhythm in a compound group of three tones. 

This sets the impression of a six-note sequence descending through the tones of a "G Minor" scale. The progression is covered using two sequenced phrases that are two measures long for each. 

In example three, a key of "C Minor" sequence uses the popular four-note sequence combination. This note grouping is one of the most popular sequences. However, in this example, the 4-note grouping does not travel linear through the scale tones. Instead it jumps over a scale tone in its second sequence.

Example four, is organized around the application of a sequence based upon the perfect 5th interval. The example is set in the key of "G Major." The sequence operates in two parts across a three measure phrase. Measure one introduces the first part which applies a 5th's sequence between the 4th and 3rd guitar strings. The sequence approaches a scale tone from below, then travels up a 5th, i.e., "B, C, G," to "A, B, F#," to "G, A, E." 

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