ACOUSTIC GUITAR 011: Chordal Picking Technique

Acoustic Guitar 011: 

Chordal Picking Technique...

Chordal Picking can be used with any chord progression as a primary way to outline chords, or as a substitute for strumming. It can also be thought of as an option for finger-style technique making its application versatile enough to be applied across a wide variety of different musical styles... 

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In this episode of Acoustic Guitar, we'll study examples of different chordal picking techniques used across four chord progressions. The examples will incorporate both open chords along with barre chords. 

The chordal picked techniques will include; variations on rhythmic structure, advanced groove, developing articulation, along with ways to increase speed and flow across chordal picked passages...

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In example one, the focus is on developing a chordal plucking idea around a series of barre chords found in the open position. A chordal cross-picking concept is organized around a series of chords based upon the harmony of a, "D Mixolydian" progression.

Example two applies the chordal picking approach across barre chords from within the harmony of, "B Natural Minor." Just like we had seen back in example one, the picking structure in example two will also change measure to measure. When first practicing the part, be sure to begin your study of the exercise by learning the picking pattern that is to be used over each measures chord.

PART TWOThe exercise in example four takes the groove of a chordal picked idea and breaks it up by adding further articulation. Since chordal picking will often operate within an established vertical string set span, we can establish a way of moving through chords that applies pre-set rhythmic elements along with recurring articulations.

Example three applies this principle in measures one and two with an established hammer-on articulation (see both measures second beat). Measures three and four of this example work together sharing very similar rhythmic duration.

Example four adds greater speed to the technique of chordal picking with faster rhythmic duration. The abundance of 16th-note duration throughout produces very rapid passages that sound more intense when performed up to tempo. When practicing this chordal picked exercise, be mindful of the articulations used in each measure. The hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides work together to help each passage flow smoothly from one position on the neck over to the other.

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Chordal Picking Technique... 

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