1 Thing Weird YouTube Guitar People Love to Do...

Next month will be 9 years since I first started my Creative Guitar Studio YouTube channel. Back in August 2008, I opened up the channel and I think I had one video. 

It was really badly done, I was using a crappy $20 web-cam with a even more crappy lapel mic (that I bought at the dollar store). That was it. It was awful, I didn't take it too seriously because there was really no reason to... 

In 2008, YouTube was not even allowing Individual Video Partnerships. That didn't happen until 2009, and it was really difficult to become a YouTube partner back then anyway. 

So, as the years went on, and YouTube grew to become a major source of marketing, I started to notice something slowly happening across YouTube comments... 

Basically, the comments from over the last 5 - 6 years started to get dumber, and dumber, and dumber. In fact, the comments of YouTube videos in general are becoming swamped with people incessantly complaining, or just being really weird about all kinds of very stupid ridiculous stuff. 

People in the comments saying that; my guitar tone sucks, that my guitar is a piece of garbage, your technique is awful, you need to grow a beard, you need to wear different clothes, shave your head, get tattoos, your triplet rhythm is not in time with my metronome, your high "E String" is out of tune, you should get a tan, ....basically the level of stupid idiotic comments has just continued to become more and more insane.

Now, I've never given much regard to these people because when, or if I would ever go to their YouTube home pages it was always the same, there's nothing there, no videos, no subscribers, nothing.

The Tough Guy:

So, the one thing that I think it takes to be a really weird YouTube guitar person is to leave these incredibly stupid comments on, (not just mine, but on all of the), other guitar teachers YouTube channels. 

Maybe just think before leaving your comments. Because when you leave really dumb comments - keep in mind, that they generally make little to no sense except maybe (just maybe) to you - because you wrote it. And, that means to the other 10,000 people, they are a complete waste of everyone's time.

I want people who follow my channel to get smarter and become more successful on the guitar. And, I hope that viewers can focus on the content, focus on the message, and learn what you can take and do with the information. 

The Grammar Police:

Try not to get all wrapped up in the nonsense of leaving really dumb comments. It is so not worth it, and all the really rude and nasty comments will just get deleted and you'll get blocked anyway. 

So, if you're after the spotlight for being the next "Weird YouTube guitar person," trying to prove - whatever it is you're trying to prove - I probably won't stop you with this post. But, maybe - just maybe - I might get a few of you to think a little bit... Or... Maybe not.

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