Lesson 002 - GUITAR SOLOING: Composing Your Way to Great Guitar Solos

June 23, 2017:
Lesson 002 - Composing Your Way to Great Guitar Solos

PART ONE:  In example one, we are making a study of how a melodic line can cover a common group of chord changes in the key of "C Minor." The progression is a harmony of "Im, VII, VI," using the chords of "Cm, Bb and Ab." Learn the melodic phrase and then record the chords and try composing a new phrase for the harmony. Then, try improvising over the changes.

Example two focuses more on rhythm and how a groove based phrase can change as it evolves across a series of chords. By introducing a lot of contrast to the rhythm we create an interesting feel change across the harmony. Missed downbeats and plenty of 16th-note rests end up creating a very cool sounding effect across the harmony of this "A Minor" progression.

PART TWO: Having statements that operate around chords can produce great sounding guitar solos. Just listen to any number of Jimi Hendrix guitar leads, and you'll notice it right away. In example three, follow up statements occur around a series of chord changes in the key of "C Major." Learning to manipulate cool sounding follow-up phrases after each chords appearance adds an interesting effect to the chord progression.

In example four, the composing concept becomes one of worked out lines based on a recurring theme. This is evident in the song "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR. That songs guitar solo is a play on the primary licks and the theme of the guitar statements used in both the verse and the lead. The part shown in example four demonstrates how tones from a, "C Natural Minor" scale can be used to form statements around the harmony. Record the chords and try composing your own variations on the theme.

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