This Deck of Cards Promises to Help You "Master the Guitar"

Courtesy of GuitarWorld Online... 

The FretDeck guitar cards promises to help beginners and experienced players master the guitar in record time...

Another day, another product focused at making learning guitar easy, but this time, it's something a little different... a deck of cards.

Recently launched on Kick-starter, Fret-Deck aims to help all guitarists, from beginners to experienced players, "master the guitar in every single key".

There are three key cards for each key: one shows you basic chords, another how to learn and practice two scale patterns, and the third how to learn and master the notes across the fret-board.

The company is touting the cards as a standalone practice tool, as well as for use by guitar teachers in lessons.

Fret-Deck is up on Kick-starter right now, and pledging $20 gets you decked out.



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  1. Looks totally lame. Cards only show the I, IV, V and the rel. minor chords (Big Deal). Then, you only get two pentatonic scales (one major and one minor, not enough to "Master the Guitar" ...sorry) and the last card has all the notes of a key scattered all over the neck, (good luck with "Mastering" that shit). Stupid idea that won't teach anyone a damn thing.

  2. I wouldn't buy them. They are just an oversimplified idea about chords and scales. They don't offer any direction of how you'd make proper use of them either. The global notes on the neck thing is completely useless. Pretty far reaching to say that you'd come anywhere close to "Mastering the Guitar" using the limited ifo. of these cards.