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Jazz chord melody - at it's peak application - is both a technical and complex harmonic feat for any guitarist to master. However, learning how to create a basic outline of a melody using chords within a key can be made rather easy for students new to this method by limiting chords and keeping the chord types more simplistic...  

This episode of the GuitarBlog explores Jazz chord melody by applying a simplified method of training. Using this training system, the student will learn how to take a melody and match it alongside chords.

The method starts out with short melodic ideas matched to a single chord. More chords are added as the exercises progress. At the end of the lesson, players will learn the foundational skills of chord melody.

PART ONE: In the first example, students begin by learning how to integrate a simple melodic line with a single chord. The next example expands on the melodic part and adds more chords alongside a more complex melody.

PART TWO: In the second half of the lesson, (available with the lesson handout in the members area), students begin studying how melody lines link to chords. The examples look over a longer melodic line and use harmonic analysis to determine chord options. The final study selects a set of chords to produce the chord melody part. Enjoy the lesson!

Jazz Guitar: Easy Chord Melody

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  1. This lesson helped my playing a lot. I wrote a song after watching it! Thanks. You are one hell of a teacher.