LEAD GUITAR: No Theory - No Thinking - Just Playing

GuitarBlog: LEAD GUITAR: No Theory - No Thinking - Just Playing...

This week's GuitarBlog covers playing lead guitar without theory or any other kind of serious thought or knowledge about the use or application of scale types. 

Jamming on riffs in the early years of learning how to solo is some of the most fun that a guitarist can have on this instrument. And, the best part is, that there is no need to initially invest countless hours of study on learning things like; multiple position scale layouts, interval theory, harmonic analysis, or how the Mixolydian mode might offer a 'new direction' against a Dorian concept. 

In fact, in the simplest sense, all it really takes to play a guitar solo is the knowledge of a few notes and some time spent jamming with a loop-pedal, or with another guitar player. 

In the early days, above all other skills, the guitarist is building the use of their ear to be able to listen closely to how phrases sound. This is an important skill of every lead player and it goes hand-in-hand with the long-term development of a musicians intuition. 

When a guitarist feels both ready, and well practiced over their years of study, the use and application music theory will eventually come along as well. Enjoy the lesson.

LEAD GUITAR: No Theory - No Thinking - Just Playing

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