Micro Lesson 250: "D Minor" Pop-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 250"

This Micro Lesson works through a Pop-Rock 'picked arpeggiated' riff from the key of, "D MInor." 

This riff begins off of the diatonic V-chord using the open open 5th string, "A." Off of the top of the first measures, "Am7," chord we slide up into the 8th fret, "G," from an upper 2nd string, "F." The second measure pushes into an open 4th string, "D," that adds a quick double-stop using the notes of, "C & F." These tones together form a chord type of "Dm7." 

In measure three, the sounds of the, "D Minor," color continue and operate around a, "D Minor," triad in the 1st position. This idea also adds an open, "E," 1st string before quickly returning to the, "D and A," tones of the, "D Minor," triad. 

These tones bring us into the last measure where we have a turnaround that applies the VII-chord of this key, (C Major). This, "C," chord is used in a first inversion position with the triad above and the third chord tone in the bass. This produces an, "C/E," chord (inverted slash-chord type). Be particularly careful with the timing of this piece, since there is syncopation involved with how this melody is applied across the measures. 

The chords are not super complex, but they are applying some different fingering patterns. Once the progression is memorized, use a metronome to build speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 250: "D Minor" Pop-Rock Riff


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