Micro Lesson 246: "Key of E" Blues Boogie Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 246"

This Micro Lesson covers the bluesy sounds of Boogie-Woogie guitar with a, Key of, "E," Blues-Biooge Riff. 

It's important to note that the riff is demonstrated with an, "E Blues Boogie Harmony," but you should experiment with transposing it to both the IV and V chords of an; 8, 12 and 16-bar Blues. 

The riff begins with an open "E" string rolling up through the "G and G# tones and pivoting off of the "B" at 6th string seventh fret. The "E comes back again, but this time off of the 5th string seventh fret. The open 5th string "A" leads us into the second measure. 

In measure two, "D" and "C#" operate into a descending, "B, G to G#." This brings us into a second development of the same phrase. In measure three, we add eighth-note triplets on beats 2 and 3. This phrase picks up the meter and promotes a punchy ending that includes a, "B5," power-chord and a bend off of the 3rd fret, "G" on 6th string. 

Overall, this phrase combines many of the traditional ideas associated with Boogie-Blues and even many Country-Western licks. 

Blues-Boogie is a great sound, and can be brought up to a really quick pace by using a metronome or a drum machine. Have fun!

Micro Lesson 246: "Key of E" Blues Boogie Riff


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