Micro Lesson 242: "F Minor" Harmonic Minor Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 242"

This Micro Lesson works through a fast paced "Harmonic Minor" Lick in the key of "F Minor." 

The Harmonic Minor Scale is a unique minor scale form that uses the Natural Minor for it's foundation, but it raises the 7th degree of Natural Minor by a 1/2 step. This is often referred to as a "#7" tone in Natural Minor. 

This lick applies the raised 7th right from the beginning by sliding back and forth from the scales tonic note (F) into the "E" natural. It generates a very unique sound that then flows through the scale up an octave at the 3rd string. 

At the octave point, the "F" and "E" tones return once more traveling back and forth to promote the interesting sounds of the Harmonic Minor's raised 7th once again. 

Up at the top of this lick there is another appearance of the raised 7th tone of "E." However, this time the "E" tone does not bounce off of the scales tonic (F). Instead, the "E" natural tone is used as a part of a sequence that employs the scale tones of "C and D." 

The ending of this lick returns into our 3rd guitar string and flows through "E" into the "F" tonic to complete the phrase. The run is meant to be played quite fast, so build your speed incrementally with a metronome after you've memorized the entire scale run. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 242: "F Minor" Harmonic Minor Lick


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