Micro Lesson 229: "D Major" Pop-Music Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 229"

This Micro Lesson uses a series of double-stops to create a melodic and flowing riff from within the key of "D Major." 

The riff begins from the harmony of a, "Dsus4," chord and plays out to a harmony from the key center chord, "D Major." 

Pick-up lines bring in the next measure which introduces the, "B Minor," and, "A Major," harmonies by way of both arpeggios and the Pentatonic Scale. 

Measure three is a return to the phrasing from measure one. It produces a slight twist on the melody by adding another double-stop on the second beat of the measure and by adding, two more double-stop chords of, "G Major," and, "A Major." The final measure turns around the riff by arpeggiating the, "A Major," triad chord from the 4th guitar string. 

This riff is possible to be performed from several different right-hand playing techniques. These include; Finger-picking, Hybrid Picked, and Flat-Picked. Try out using each method, and determine which one suits you best. 

Another fun practice idea with this riff would be to get a friend to play the back-ground chord changes. Or, if that is not possible, record the background chords on a loop and play the primary riff underneath it. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 229: "D Major" Pop-Music Riff


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