Micro Lessons 189: "C Major" Finger-Picked Pattern

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 189"

This Micro Lesson breaks down a finger-picked pattern from the key of "C Major." 

The pattern is similar to ones found in popular songs like, "Dust in the Wind," by Kansas, or within "Landslide." by Fleetwood Mac. 

The pattern in this lesson operates between a group of four (4) guitar strings. Beginning from a double-pluck upon an eighth-note, the pattern moves to the inside strings, then outside strings, then inside again to complete the cycle. 

Bass-notes exist upon both the 5th and 6th strings. However, the upper-register pattern line will sit within the 4th to the 2nd guitar strings. Some notes get sustained, but the pattern is actually very consistent overall. 

Harmony concepts change on every second beat, so watch the chord types and their accompanying fingerings carefully. Take your time moving across the picking idea measure to measure. 

Apply standard "Classical Guitar" fingering technique. Or, if you're more familiar with a "Folk-Fingerstyle" approach (such as the "Claw-Hammer"), then use that. Work the idea up to speed with a metronome. Enjoy!

Micro Lessons 189: "C Major" Finger-Picked Pattern


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