Micro Lesson 193: "C Minor" Position-Shifting Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 193"

This  Micro Lesson works through a fast-moving position-shifting guitar lick from the key of, "C Minor." 

This run uses all 16th-notes to shift along through several fingerboard positions from 15th to 3rd. To execute these rapid shifts quickly, and with the greatest of ease, the lick adopts a recurring pattern which allows it to shuffle along the neck covering a great deal of range in a short time frame. 

Once the intervals involved with the lick are committed to memory, the pattern can then be worked up to very fast speeds. To end up with the smoothest possible sound, pay particular attention to how each slide on the upper 3rd string interacts with the notes of the, "C Minor," scale found along the 4th string. 

The memorization of the pattern that forms between these two strings is critical to the ease for which the lick can be brought up to speed. However, by memorizing the layout and then using a metronome to build the speed, the lick should come up to a quick pace nicely. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 193: "C Minor" Position-Shifting Lick


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