Micro Lesson 187: "D Minor" Dorian (Celtic) Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 187"

This Micro Lesson works through a "Celtic" style melody in the Mode of "D" Dorian. 

This Dorian mode melody is unique in several ways, especially with regard to it's time signature of "2/4" time. This time signature feels more stress upon the down-beat (and the "Celtic" style of this melody operates nicely with the use of this particular count). 

The phrase begins off of the "Dm" chord in open position. There is a defined lower and upper melody with bass tones played counter to the timing of the upper lines. Large intervals are applied between the 6th and 1st string balancing out a higher melodic passage played on the 1st string into 2nd. Sounds of the "D" Dorian hold true along the entire passage, however both "Am" and "C# tone" also play a role as the melody moves across the measures. 

The "C#" is of particular interest since it promotes ties to the "D Harmonic Minor" scale. This helps with generating more pull back to the tonic of "D."  

Take your time developing all of the stretches. Memorize the shapes as they fall from section to section. Be careful of the bass-notes, pay particular attention to the appropriate string off of which the bass-note should be performed. Enjoy!

NOTE: The key signature (in the video) of one flat is incorrect. It should be; no flats /no sharps for, "D Dorian Mode." My apologies on this error.

Micro Lesson 187: "D Minor" Dorian (Celtic) Melody


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