Simple Guitar Soloing Exercises

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This weeks GuitarBlog explores "Simple Guitar Soloing Exercises"... 

I think we can all agree that getting really good at playing solos will take a lot of time and effort. Players need to develop their personal sense of feel plus gain a great awareness of rhythm and timing. 

This is where solid "rhythm guitar" skills come in. Think of; Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai or Stevie Ray Vaughn. These players are not just phenomenal lead guitar players, they're also amazing rhythm guitar players. 

Start off with learning a number of basic chords, (open position and then major and minor barre chords). Then rehearse developing excellent rhythmic feel with using the chords in several styles, (in practical situations). 

As you are doing this, practice the scale patterns continuously at several tempos and using several durations, (eighth-notes and sixteenth-notes especially). 

Using a loop pedal, or DAW, (such as FL Studio), set-up a vamp on one chord to develop your basic feel. Play scale tones around that chord, then add another chord, and another after that. Then, move on to more complex chord progressions and work diligently at trying to target into the chord tones, (Roots, 3rd's and 5th's). 

Be sure to apply several different phrasing devices, (bends, slides, vibrato, trills, hammer-on's, pull-off's, rake's /sweeps, etc.). As time goes on, you'll slowly start to notice yourself establishing your own personal style and at this time you'll notice yourself gaining a lot more control for being able to play guitar solos. Enjoy!

Simple Guitar Soloing Exercises

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