Micro Lesson 183: "Key of A" Pop-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 183"

This Pop-Rock Micro Lesson Riff involves a blended progression that borrows chords from parallel major and minor tonalities in the key of, "A." 

The riff begins from the IV-chord of "D" and moves into the tonic chord of "A," using two-note double-stops. The next measure comes in from the movement of the V-chord to the IV-chord (E major to D major). 

The "Pop-Rock" groove is highlighted here and is connected further along with a Pentatonic Lick into measure three. Measure three borrows both a "C Major" as well as, a "G Major," chord from the parallel "A Minor" harmony. However, the fourth measure is brought in by way of a return back to the "A Major" harmony. 

This is further embellished using another Pentatonic Lick that can either be used to turn the progression around, or it can be left out for the progression to resolve on the "A Major" chord. If any chord shapes are new to you, take your time memorizing them first. Afterward, work on building the speed using a metronome or drum machine. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 183: "Key of A" Pop-Rock Riff


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