Blues Rock Guitar Riffs

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This week on the guitarblog we'll run through the idea of playing rhythm grooves in the Blues-Rock style. 

This style has a lot to do with both blending different scales together, as well as, changing the rhythmic meter of grooves between a more triplet based, "Blues Shuffle" feel, and a "Straight-Time Rock," feel. 

Many Blues-Rock songs will blend scales like; "Natural Minor," "Mixolydian," "Minor Pentatonic," and the, "Blues Scale." Plus, they'll combine sections of all of these scales to create the rhythm grooves, jams and riffs found in many of the classic songs we'll hear in this style of music. 

In the lesson, I'll run through a few examples that I've composed which demonstrate how this works to form common, “Blues-Rock Guitar Riffs.” Enjoy this weeks video!

Blues Rock Guitar Riffs...

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