Micro Lesson 168: "B Mixolydian" Keith Richards Style Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 168"

This Micro Lesson takes a look at a, "B Mixolydian," Blues-Rock guitar riff played in the style of, "Keith Richards." 

The riff borrows from the Blues, from Country and from Rock concepts using small chord ideas all in a rhythm style distinctive to the guitar playing of, "Keith Richards." 

The chord voicings used in this riff operate between the harmony of, "B7" and "A major." In measures one and two, the riff is applied between 4th to 2nd strings covering the "B, F# and A" tones with an added suspension off of "E." 

The third and fourth measures wrap up the idea with a groove off of the open, "A," 5th string playing from the open, "D and G" into 2nd fret, "E and A" tones. 

Overall, the structure of this riff is very similar to The Rolling Stones song, "19th Nervous Breakdown." Keith's style is very unique and blends many influences of both Blues and Country along with an aggressive Rock playing approach to produce their signature rock /pop song structures. 

Have fun learning this riff and hopefully it will lead you to learning more songs by him.

Micro Lesson 168: "B Mixolydian" Keith Richards Style Riff


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