Micro Lesson 164: "G Major" Country & Western Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 164"

This Micro Lesson covers a Country and Western style Guitar Riff in the key of, "G" Major. 

The riff operates in a very linear manner along the length of the guitar fingerboard. Beginning in the 3rd position, this riff applies double-stops at the start of the line which highlight the sound of the "G Major" chord. 

Up the neck in 8th position the idea carries on with a small section of the "G Major" Pentatonic Scale. The second measure's ending applies more double-stops to once again highlight the sounds of the "G Major" harmony, as well as, pull us into the third measure. 

This measure covers the same lick that we saw in measure two but re-locates us into the 12th position. A, fresh "G Major" arpeggio brings in a couple of 2nd string 10th fret bends which really promotes the Country /Western style and sound. 

These bends also work to wrap-up the line and further promote the resolution into the "G Major" chord yet again. The riff is fairly manageable to perform and aside from the busy lateral movement along the neck, the fingerings are not overly difficult. Memorize the riff, and build the speed. Most of all - have fun!

Micro Lesson 164: "G Major" Country and Western Riff


  1. This is so GREAT, soooooo GREAT buddy. Andrew. you're the best!!!