Micro Lesson 154: "E Mixolydian" Southern-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 154"

This Micro lesson runs through a Southern-Rock style riff in the mode of "E Mixolydian."  

Operating from off of the chords of "E & D" major, this riff pushes the "open E sixth string" as a focal tone  in delivering a series of scale tones from "E" Mixolydian mode. 

The first measure begins from the open 6th "E" and applies plenty of the "E Major Pentatonic" scale. In measure two. the "C#m" arpeggio starts things off pulling in the "D" major chord. 

Measure three is a close copy of measure one, with the lone difference being the last note of "C#" pulling in measure four. 

The final bar of music brings in another "D" chord but at a new position on open "D." A new lick takes the riff back to the top for a smooth repeat. 

Take things slow on the position shifts, otherwise the riff isn't particularly difficult to master and get up to speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 154: "E Mixolydian" Southern-Rock Riff


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