VIDEO: When a Label Wants to Change Your Sound...

Must See: Aimee Mann's Brutally Honest Account of When Her Label Tried to Change Her Sound

After 30 years in the music business, Aimee Mann has become one of the most iconic female folk-pop singer-songwriters around. In 1999, she added "label founder" to her long resume when she broke from Geffen Records and started her own company, SuperEgo Records.

Although the decision to break from a larger label is difficult for any artist, in Mann's eyes, it was a chance to reclaim her own voice as a musician and make albums that represented her perspective away from executives who complained her songs weren't "single-y" enough.

Here's her brutally honest story of how she took back her music...

00:00 - When your finished album doesn't match the label's vision

00:53 - On being shuttled between labels amid mergers

01:21 - "If I can't make a record I'm proud of, then I don't care."

01:55 - When to know it's time to start your own label

Would you sign to a label that didn't support your vision if you could "be a star"? Do you think Mann made the right choice? 


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