Micro Lesson 130: "A Minor" Rock Guitar Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 130"

This Micro Lesson has a look at a Rock Guitar Riff in "A Minor." 

This riff applies several chord changes within the key of "A Minor." Starting in measure one, the open "A" 5th string is used as a bass-tone with a series of power-chord ideas played under the open "A." Chords of "A5," "D5," "C5," as well as major chords of "G," and "F," are used to pull out the sound of "A Minor." 

Prior to the arrival of the third measure, a very quick 16th-note lick is used to bring in a riff that's similar to the riff used in measure one. 

The final measure's turnaround phrase is an arpeggiated line across both an "F" chord as well as, "G Major." Take your time working out the fingerings and be sure to apply good muting technique when you dial-up the overdrive. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 130: "A Minor" Rock Guitar Riff


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