Micro Lesson 128: "A Dorian" Funk Guitar Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 128"

This Micro Lesson applies a funky 16th-note groove around a root Minor chord and a dominant 7th IV chord in "A" Dorian mode. 

The riff begins with an "Am7" chord played off of the 4th string 7th position. The groove connects into the second measure with a short "A Minor Pentatonic" lick. 

The next chord is a second inversion of the "D7" chord, built with it's (fifth) "A" tone off of the 4th string, (again in the 7th position). A double-stop slide riff pulls in the third measure "Am" triad. 

Again we apply a short Minor Pentatonic lick to bring in the final (fourth) measure's "D7" chord. This fourth measure is interesting since the "D7" jumps from the 3rd position up to 10th. It's a rather big leap, so practice the jump many times prior to actually moving it into the structure of riff at the "up to speed" tempo. 

Keep a light bouncy /funky feel and maintain good timing on the 16th note meter found at the front part (beat one) of three out of the four measures. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 128: "A Dorian" Funk Guitar Riff


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