Micro Lesson 127: "Key of C" Blues Guitar Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 127"

This Micro Lesson covers a quick triplet-based Blues Scale run in the Key of "C Blues." 

It begins with a classic sounding group of pick-up notes that leads to a popular sounding blues bend at the 1st string, 11th fret. 

The next run of notes maintains another very common blues-lick sound, (based within the "C Blues Scale"). However, as we move into the second measure, the lick targets a repeating arpeggio phrase that operates on the 3rd and 2nd guitar strings. 

Once the repeating phrase ends, there is a slight bend at 4th string 13th fret. From here the final measure takes us into the minor third interval in relation to the scale. This tone is an, "Eb" and also operates as the lowered seventh degree of the IV-chord of this key (F7). 

Begin by memorizing the lick. Once it is competent begin study of the part with a metronome to build speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 127: "Key of C" Blues Guitar Lick


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