Micro Lesson 124: "C Minor" Soul /R&B Guitar Groove

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 124"

This Micro Lesson covers a smooth jazz Soul /R&B Guitar Groove in the key of "C Minor." 

It layers rich Major and Minor Seventh Chords around short-run Minor Pentatonic licks which connect the phrasing of the harmonies. 

The Minor Pentatonic ideas all originate from the, "C Minor Pentatonic Scale." And, these connecting phrases operate to bring in each minor and major 7th chord used in the measures. 

At the end of the riff there are a series of "two-note" double-stop chords. These chords also work out ideas from the Minor Pentatonic and play into the resolution of the riff. 

Take your time learning these chord shapes and practice them all over the neck if they are new to you. Once all of the patterns and scale runs are well known, use a metronome to build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 124: "C Minor" Soul /R&B Guitar Groove


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