Angus Young's - Scales and Licks...

GuitarBlog: Angus Young's - Scales and Licks...

This week on the GuitarBlog we run through how to become familiar with the scales Angus Young (from legendary rock group AC/DC) uses. 

The Angus Young lead guitar sound originates from a unique application of the common Major and Minor Pentatonic as well as, Blues scales. 

He orchestrates his sound by crossing these scales against classic, "Blue Notes," to create very interesting, "combination scale sounds," (for which Angus has become so well known for). 

By working on these combined scale patterns and studying a number of his solos, you will start to attain both a feel for his style and a good understanding for his use of combined pentatonic scales on the guitar. Enjoy the lesson!

Angus Young's - Scales and Licks

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