Micro Lesson 118: "Key of E" 12-Bar Blues Jam

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 118"

This Micro Lesson explores a 12-Bar Blues Progression in the Key of "E." 

The jam moves across the I-IV-V chords found in the key of "E Blues." Blues progressions are marked by the use of harmony from the world of "Dominant 7th" chords. In the key of, "E" this gives us, "E7, A7 and B7."

Once an outline of harmony, (using Dominant chords), works its way across the changes we establish a very popular common sound. This particular progression applies a finger-picked, 'electric style,' blues concept. 

This blues-jam employs a bass-note punch upon each measure which pushes in chord tones directly after it. This push ties in each of the chords found in the 12-bar jam. Those chords are the, "E7," with the chord tones of "E, G#, B, D." The "A7," chord establishes the chord tones of, "A, C#, E, G." And the, "B7" chord tones include, "B, D#, F#, A."

Work slowly to target the chord tone finger-picked melody with the proper dynamics. Be sure to apply a shuffle feel to anchor the blues style. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 118: "Key of E" 12-Bar Blues Jam


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