Micro Lesson 115: "Key of C" Ragtime Blues Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 115"

This Micro Lesson explores the musical ideas of a Ragtime Blues Lick in the key of "C." 

The lick moves through several smooth surrounding tones of the "C7" chord to highlight the effect of not only the sound of the chord, but also the Ragtime sound. 

In measure one we begin the lick by working off of the chords Root of "C" and the Minor 3rd chord tone against the Diminished 5th and Perfect 4th intervals. 

The second measure introduces the Perfect 5th and Minor 7th tones against the chords root of "C" and that strong Diminished 5th once again. 

The third measure is where we accelerate the lick through a busy set of chord tones and finally introduce our Major 3rd at the end of the phrase resolving into a couple of three note chords based upon the Dominant 7th sound. 

It's a fun lick that really takes advantage of our classic blues color tones, phrased with Ragtime flare. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 115: "Key of C" Ragtime Blues Lick


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