Micro Lesson 107: "F Major" Fingerstyle Jazz Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 107"

This Micro Lesson blends the world of fingerstyle guitar with the harmonies of jazz. 

The example is a six-bar melody idea covering chords from the key center of, "F Major." 

It begins by outlining the tonal center chord of the key, (which is "F maj.7"), The harmony get's the added altered tone of "Cb" prior to moving into a lowered seventh chord of "E7." 

Measure two introduces a scale run pushing the sounds of the "Amadd2." Measure three outlines a theme around the VI chord of, "Dm." The theme carries over into a "Secondary Dominant" chord harmony with a "G13." 

The piece wraps up by moving from a melodic outline across the re-harmonized, "V maj.7" chord of "C maj.7." Resolution occurs at the last measure upon the Tonic chord of, "F Major7." Enjoy the example!

Micro Lesson 107: "F Major" Fingerstyle Jazz Melody


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