Micro Lesson 051: "D Major" Hillbilly Guitar Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 051" 

This micro lesson covers a Country Style Hillbilly Riff in the key of, "D Major."

This Country /Hillbilly style guitar riff uses some interesting scale tones. The riff is in the key of "D major," and centers mostly around the open guitar strings in 1st position. 

The structure of this phrase uses scale tones with typical major and minor 3rd passing tones. The twist in the Hillbilly style is in the application of both major and minor 6th intervals. 

Most Blues based ideas employ only major and minor 3rd's with some use of the diminished 5th. This country flavor Hillbilly sound adds emphasis upon the 6th as well. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 051: "D Major" Hillbilly Guitar Riff


  1. Great Riff. Love this style (being from Tennessee and all). Thanks for all of the work you do BTW!