Micro Lesson 050: "A Major" Eighth-Note Triplet Lick

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"Micro-Lesson 050" 

This micro lesson covers a fast eighth-note triplet lick in the key of, "A Major."

This Micro Lesson covers a very melodic and speedy guitar lick built from within the key of "A Major." 

The lick uses all eighth-note triplets for a smooth rolling effect. It all begins off of an "A Major" arpeggio off of the first guitar string in 9th position. The arpeggio run then moves across a series of 3rd interval licks into a new fingerboard position of 7th. 

The "A major" Pentatonic scale is then applied within the 7th fingerboard area. To wrap everything up, the lick finishes with a pedal-point idea that resolves into the root of the key center, "A," at the end of the phrase. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 050: "A Major" Eighth-Note Triplet Lick


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