Kanye West Demands His Fans Stand - Gets His Lackeys to Confirm any Handi-capped!

Kanye West comes across like a lunatic yet again - in his ongoing quest to perform his three public miracles, required for sainthood... 

Self-proclaimed philosopher, designer and inventor Kanye West continues to be misunderstood (acting more like a crazy person) as his latest scandal spreads across the world over his severe insults to his Australian wheelchair-bound fans.

Australian disabled rights groups are calling for the rapper's head after two incidents in which West demanded that all concert-goers "stand up" during his live show.

In both Sydney and Melbourne, apparently oblivious to those in wheelchairs, West said the music would stop until everyone in the audience was standing; sensitive to the end, he said nobody would be excused, "Unless you got a handicap pass and you got special parking and all that s#!t.

In an absurd display of authority, West demanded all concert goers stand before him, and then apparently had his lackeys actually go through the audience to make sure that those still seated were actually disabled.

One audience member held up a prosthetic limb and was pronounced "okay to remain sitting," by King Kanye... Seeing another concert-goer still seated, West petulantly complained, “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, this is unbelievable,” until his worker bees made sure the Sydney fan was actually disabled and in a wheelchair.

The temptation to believe West is some kind of supremely ignorant, pig-headed, ego-maniacal blowhard tool is to have missed the point.

Do we have to spell it out for you? This is an ongoing attempt by the rapper to perform the three public miracles required for sainthood.

Having already raised the dead by elevating Kim Kardashian from reality TV sex-tape trailer trash to Vogue cover-girl, West now intends to cure the lame, blind, dumb, maimed and all the others mentioned in the Bible as having had the special restorative attention of Jesus Christ. Doth he not call his tour Yeezus?

Despite his failure to get disabled Australian fans to cast off their affliction, stand up and walk, perhaps West should at least be commended for trying.... maybe...

Other "Kanye West miracles" that have also been attempted.... During West's marriage to Kim Kardashian, for example, eyewitnesses reported that the hip hop hero attempted to turn Evian water into Cristal for his wedding guests. Unfortunately, that one didn't work either...


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