Is This the Most Relaxing Song EVER?

This track  has been supposedly 100% ‘scientifically proven’ to be the most relaxing song in the world...!

Named Weightless, the music piece can apparently slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and decrease levels of cortisol – a steroid hormone released in response to stress. The track has been labelled as ‘the most relaxing song in the world’, beating other contenders including Adele and Coldplay.

The eight-minute long track was made by Manchester-based Marconi Union in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. It was claimed to be the most relaxing song ever after a scientific study by the Mindlab Institution in 2011.

In 2011 scientists played the song to 40 women and found it to be more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay. The women were connected to sensors and given challenging puzzles to complete against the clock in order to induce a level of stress. They were then played different songs as their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and brain activity were recorded.

Studies found that the song, "Weightless," was 11 per cent more relaxing than any other song, and even made many of the women 'drowsy' in the lab.

It induced a 65 per cent reduction in overall anxiety and brought them to a level 35 per cent lower than their usual resting rates. The ambient song features guitar, piano and electronic samples of natural sound-scapes.

Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, said Marconi Union had used scientific theory to make the 'perfect relaxing song.' The new album from Marconi Union is called Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol 2).

Listen to the song below and you can judge for yourself... Is it the MOST relaxing song EVER?


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